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With roots in sunny San Luis Obispo, we're a passionate team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and EV experts dedicated to making positive impacts on the planet and EV drivers. In 2018, founders Spencer and Akhil put their heads together to solve one of the largest barriers with driving an EV. Installing charging at home...

As EV drivers ourselves, we understood the challenges of home charging installation, and we set out to transform the landscape. We're passionate about making positive impacts on the planet and the EV driving community and look forward to helping you allowing you to seamlessly split your outlet to charge your EV and Appliances!

Easily share your existing 240V outlet for your dryer and EV.

The Smart Splitter saves you money by allowing you to share your existing 240V outlet. Save money by avoiding panel upgrades and rewiring with the only UL safety certified Smart Splitter.

  • Avoid panel upgrades and expensive rewiring
  • UL Certified, world class safety
  • Self installable in minutes
  • Auto switching for circuit protection
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  • Perfect solution. Saved me from running 100ft of wire and conduit where I was able to install it on an oven circuit that's used just 1-2 times per week. Works as advertised."

  • "Could not be happier with the Smart Splitter. I was tempted to get another splitter I saw on the market but it wasn't UL safety certified and I wasn't comfortable with that because I didn't want to put my family or car at risk. Happy that I can feel safe with this product and I'm much faster charging at home."

  • "Neocharge works exactly as advertised. Couldn't be happier"

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