Dual EV Charging - Save Time And Money On Home Charging Installations



Works just as described. I plugged in one EV on the left and one EV on the right and, easy peasy, both charge up overnight. So simple and smart. Note that the delivered amperage is 80% of the circuit. A Tesla service technician came by today and was duly impressed at the elegance of it.

Nathan W. 09/10/2023

Great way to save money-my breaker box is full so the estimates I got were from 5-6k. This box plus an extension cord was just under $500, and no worries about overheating and burning your house down 👍👍👍

Steve H. 05/17/2023

Great option for two EV one plug home. Love that my wife and I can both plug in and when her car is done charging in the middle of the night it will automatically switch to charging mine and start charging. No need for a second outlet/charger.

Scott.E 02/22/2023

This is a must have for people that don’t want to pay for expensive electrical installations. Works great!

Anthony K. 07/28/2023

Got a second Tesla. Investigated options for adding second charger. Decided to get a second mobile charger and this smart splitter. It totally works. Cars charge in parallel at 20 amps, which is more than fast enough 99% of the time. On the rare occasion I need a car charged faster than that, I can still charge just one car at 40 amps. I also have the flexibility of bringing the mobile chargers on trips if needed. Great, simple solution. So glad this product exists!

Elemeno 07/09/2023

Simple plug and play. Works right out of the box. I love that it’s compact and being UL listed gives me peace of mind.We have five EV’s plus one 240 appliance, so I’m so glad this product exists and does just what it’s designed to do. Saved us money from having to wire in another 240 14-50 outlet, plus saves time when using it to charge two EV’s one after the other automatically. Price for what it does is great too. Hope more people who have a need for more than one 240v outlet discover this as I have.

RN 03/08/2023


Avg. Savings


Avoid A Panel Upgrade


Faster Charging


Install Yourself. Save Money. Take Charge.

The Smart Splitter lets you share an existing 240-volt outlet in your home for simplified EV charging installation. Share your outlet and plug in both cars in just minutes, with no hassel or extra electrician fees.


Dual EV Charging

Sequential Charging

With two EVs plugged in at maximum amperage (32-40 amps) the Smart Splitter will fully charge the EV on the Primary side before switching to the EV on the Secondary side.

Simultaneous Charging (Half Power)

Set your EV chargers or EVs to 20 amps or less (half power) to allow for simultaneous EV Charging. The Smart Splitter ensures both cars can charge at once without tripping the breaker.


Charge both your EVs with one 240V outlet

Plug both EV chargers into the Smart Splitter and never worry about manually swapping plugs again. The smart auto-switching allows both cars to fully charge with no interruptions.


Plug Into Better Home EV Charging Access

Plug in to the fast home EV charging you deserve. Save money by avoiding expensive panel upgrades. Sharing a 240V outlet has never been easier.


You and your family deserve world class safety

Sleep well at night knowing your Smart Splitter has been thoroughly tested for electrical safety by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), the global leader in tech safety.
The Smart Splitter is the only UL listed plug-in 240V Splitter and also has an internal software breaker for additional safety.


Avoid Expensive Panel Upgrades

The Smart Splitter makes sharing outlets for EV charging a breeze so you can save money with no panel upgrades, no permits, and no worries. If you’re a renter, you're in luck, just plug in and take charging with you when you move.


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