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NeoCharge Smart Splitter

NeoCharge Smart Splitter

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Save time and money on fast home EV charging access by sharing your 240V outlet. Charge both of your EVs or share your dryer and EV. Self-installable in minutes without expensive installation costs or rewiring. UL Listed. Auto-Switching.

The Smart Splitter comes with the same outlet type on all sides.


See all Smart Splitter and installation credits sorted by utility and state here.

Smart Splitter rebates can be found with utilities like SMUD, CCCE, Tacoma Power, SVCE, SCE, and SBCE. Many more to come.


30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee + Quick Shipping!

You can expect to recive you Smart Splitter in 3 days in most cases.

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Save Money and Time on Faster Home Charging.

Save money on installation

Share existing 240V outlets without needing expensive installations or panel upgrades.

World-class safety

UL safety certified, conforms to all electrical codes, and provides auto switching for safety.

Designed to install yourself.

Installation usually takes 10 minutes or less. No permits or rewiring needed.

Share with your dryer, or 2 EVs.

Share your 240V outlet and get up to 7x faster charging.



installation savings

Up to


Faster Charging

Installs in less than



Safe and Reliable for Your Home and Your EV

Certified for electrical safety by UL, the global leader in tech safety. The only UL listed Smart Splitter and built with an internal software breaker.

Compatible with All EV Brands

How It Works

Integrate With Your EV For Smarter Charging

Charge up with savings and better energy tracking with our new app coming soon.

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    Track Power Usage

    Get detailed breakdowns of your energy usage with reports.

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    Stay connected to your EVs and charging stats.

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    Vehicle Integrations

    Securely integrate with your EV account for more advanced charging and insights.

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    Remote Charging Control

    Control your EV charging

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    Charge Scheduling

    Schedule your charge for the best times for savings.

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    Track Energy Costs

    Use your exact utility rates for optimized charging and accurate cost-tracking.

Get Early App Access
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Choose the smart way to charge your EV. With NeoCharge connect, you can interface directly with your EV and get better insights and optimization for your EV and your home energy usage.

Which Smart Splitter is right for you?
Rebate Eligible

Widely eligible for utility rebates/incentives, including the renewed U.S. federal tax credit for 30% of EV charger/installation cost, up to $1000.

Tech Specs
24 amp
  • Output Power - 24A/5.7kW
  • Input Voltage - 240 VAC nominal, single phase
  • Input - NEMA 14-30P or NEMA 10-30P
  • Output - 2x NEMA 14-30R or NEMA 10-30R
  • Dimensions - 5.25" x 5.25" x 2.8"
  • Weight - 2.5lbs
  • Warranty - 2 years
  • Wifi - Yes
  • Country of Origin - USA
40 amp
  • Output Power - 40A/9.6kW
  • Input Voltage - 240 VAC nominal, single phase
  • Input - NEMA 14-50P, NEMA 10-50P, or NEMA 6-50P
  • Output - 2x NEMA 14-50R, NEMA 10-50R, or NEMA 6-50R
  • Dimensions - 5.25" x 5.25" x 2.8"
  • Weight - 2.5lbs
  • Warranty - 2 years
  • Wifi - Yes
  • Country of Origin - USA
2-Year Warranty

Subject to terms and conditions. See Full Limited Warranty for details.


Designed for indoor use and built to last.

Expert Support

Our team of Home Charging Specialists are here to help answer any of your questions.


  • How does the Smart Splitter work?
  • The Smart Splitter provides two 240V outlets from a single 240V outlet. With the Smart Splitter’s auto-switching technology power is automatically switched between both outlets for safety. With the Smart Splitter, multiple devices, such as electric dryers, EV chargers, or electric water heaters can be operated from a single outlet, which can save you thousands of dollars on electrical upgrades.

    When you are using the Smart Splitter with two EV's, they CAN be charged simultaneously when you set the current limit in your EV or EVSE.

    Use Case #1: Appliance and EV Charger. For example, let's say you want to share your dryer outlet to charge your EV. Your dryer would be plugged into the primary side and an EV charger on the secondary. Whenever you need to use your appliance, the Smart Splitter will automatically pause EV charging and will resume when the appliance is finished. In this case, most home setups would use either the NEMA 10-30 or NEMA 14-30 Smart Splitter which can pull up to 24 amps/5.7 Kw.

    Use Case #2: Two EVs. The same occurs when charging two EVs. The EV plugged in on the primary side will charge until it's fully charged, at which point the splitter automatically switches to then fully charge your second EV.

    You can ALSO charge two EVs at half speed (typically 20 Amps each) if your EV chargers or EVs have the ability to set custom current limits. Set the charge at half the amount and charge both of your EVs simultaneously at half speed. In this case, most home setups would use either the NEMA 14-50 or NEMA 6-50 Smart Splitter which can pull up to 40 amps/9.6 Kw.

  • What do I do if my 240V outlet isn't near my charging location?
  • If your 240V outlet isn't close to the location you charge your car, you have a few options:

    1.) Use an 10 gauge high voltage extension cord to reach your EV. Usually 10-25 feet.

    2.) Use a wall passthrough kit to run the cord through a wall and into the garage/outside.

    3.) Have an electrician install a conduit from the outlet to your charging location. We've partnered with Treehouse to provide effortless electrician installation for you.

  • What's the difference between Level 1 and Level 2 EV charging?
  • Level 1 charging uses uses a standard 120V wall outlet, like you would use to charge your phone. This can take days to charge your EV.

    Level 2 uses a 240V outlet to charge your EV. This can be done by tapping into your home's existing 240V outlets and will fully charge your EV overnight.

    Level 3 charging will only be found in public and is commonly referred to as DC fast charging or Supercharging. Level 3 charging is commonly owned by private charging companies (ChargePoint, Tesla, etc).

  • What makes the Smart Splitter safe?
  • We hold a high standard for the materials used to design and build the Smart Splitter. The Smart Splitter is enclosed in a high-quality heat-resistant Bayblend FR3010 plastic exterior, with UL-rated NEMA receptacles, and high-grade circuitry made to withstand an immense amount of stress and electrical current.

    Next, safety is the number one priority for us here at NeoCharge, prompting us to go through years of testing by trusted experts from Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Because of this, our Smart Splitter is the only 240v circuit splitter awarded with the highest safety certification possible in the industry. UL has been around for over a century and wrote the vast majority of the current industry safety standards. Their stamp of approval aligns us with industry-wide best safety practices.

    Lastly, each Smart Splitter is individually assembled with care in the USA, ensuring every device is built just right for you.

  • How can the Smart Splitter save me $$$ over expensive panel upgrades?
  • The key savings from the Smart Splitter comes from avoiding costly electrical work, especially multi-thousand dollar panel upgrades.

    The Smart Splitter can also save you money on permits, trenching, and other rewiring needed for Level 2 charging.

NEMA Adapters

If the plug on your EV charger is different than the outlet in your wall, you will need an adapter.