Smart Splitter Rebates Are Widely Available Across North America


We work with utilities to ensure home electrification is affordable.

Check out some examples of rebates currently offered on the Smart Splitter

Residential Charging Solutions Rebate

Income eligible PG&E customers can receive a rebate up to $700 on the Smart Splitter through the Residential Charging Solutions Rebate

Rebate for EV Power Management Device

Receive a $200 rebate by installing the Smart Splitter to help manage the electrical load from EV chargers.

Charge@Home Incentives Program

Get $300 off the Smart Splitter through SMUD in Sacramento. Learn more below about their Charge @ Home Program.

Charger Prep Credit

A credit up to $1,133 per charger to help cover the costs of preparing your home for an electric vehicle charger in eligible areas.

EV Charging Incentives Rebate

Receive a $400 bill credit with the purchase and isntallation of a Smart Splitter. An additional $200 is available for installing a 240V outlet.

...And Many More!


Total Smart Splitter Installation Savings By Customers


Avoid A Panel Upgrade


Avg. Smart Splitter Customer Savings

Why Do Utilities Offer Smart Splitter Rebates?

There are several reasons why utilities are encouraging their customers to adopt electric vehicles through financial incentives: