Self install home EV charging in minutes.

Easily share your existing 240V outlet for
charging two EVs or sharing your dryer and EV.
Save time and money on installation.

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Panel upgrades and rewiring costs thousands + takes weeks.

As EV drivers ourselves, we understand that installing home charging can be frustrating. Installation costs and panel upgrades are expensive. Hiring an electrician can take weeks. And as a home renter, installing EV charging isn't always an option. We’re here to change that.

Self install. Save money. Take charge

The NeoCharge Smart Splitter can be installed in under 3 minutes with no electrician required. Quickly gain access to the fast home charging you deserve.

  • Share two EVs or a dryer/EV on one 240V outlet
  • Avoid panel upgrades and expensive installations
  • The only UL safety certified Smart Splitter
  • Auto-switching for circuit protection

Proven Savings By
Sharing Your 240V Outlet


Avg. Savings


Avoid a Panel Upgrade


Faster Charging

Compatible with all EV brands

  • "If you have only 1 240V outlet it will cost a lot to install another. The Smart Splitter will let you plug in 2 EVs without installing another outlet and will charge both overnight."

    Tactical Expedition

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  • I didn't want to get a separate outlet installed because it's really expensive and a lot of labor. With the Smart Splitter, I'm able to plug both my dryer and Tesla charger into one 240 volt outlet.

    Matt Lara

    Music Producer & YouTuber

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Track And Control Your Home Charging (Coming Soon)

Easily track your home charging stats, charge up at the cheapest and greenest times, and control your EVs and appliances all in one place. Effortless to connect and it's completely free.

  • Connects directly with your EV and the Smart Splitter.
  • Track your home EV charging
  • Unified dashboard for your appliance/EVs
  • Remote charging controls.
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We're doing our part to enable electrification.

NeoCharge is here to put the power in your hands. Our team is fired up to continually provide hardware, software, and education around home EV charging, so going electric can truly be effortless. We love what we do and we wouldn't be here without you.