Planned maintenance and error reports for NeoCharge services.

Last Updated: 10/10/2023

NeoCharge Product Maintenance

The latest updates and status for any known NeoCharge errors and product bugs, as well as planned downtime for maintenance.

Note from the team: The existing Smart Splitter app will undergo incremental changes over the next few months to support the frontend and backend transition to NeoCharge Connect. Once all features have been successfully implement will the app be re-branded as NeoCharge Connect.

We thank you for your patience during this transition!


Product/Service Impacted



HIGH - Planned Maintenance

Smart Splitter App

Smart Splitter app is currently down for full maintenance. This maintenance session includes:

  • Rebuilding the WiFi setup to be hosted in-app
  • Redesigned appliance and vehicle setup screens
  • New power tracking screens

Updated Oct. 10

In Progress.


Smart Splitter

Intermitant Switching issues causing both sides of the Smart Splitter to draw power simultaneously

Updated Sep 23 - 4pm PST

This hardware issue is the highest priority of our team. Issue is believed to be intermittent and is not affecting all users. Firmware update 1953 has resolved the issue for most users, but our team is still actively working to verify that the firmware update is successful in all use cases.

Ensure your device is online and updated to the latest firmware. Here are the complete instructions for reconnecting the device:

1.) Factory Reset. To perform a factory reset, you will need to power cycle your Smart Splitter 5 times - you can do this by unplugging your unit and plugging it back in (5 times) or by flipping the breaker on and off (5 times) if that’s easier. Once the reset is successfully performed, you will see both the indicator LEDs flash RED and then go back to WHITE. You should also hear the device click when the unit boots back up.

2.) Reconnect to WiFi to ensure the device is updated to the latest firmware. Please follow this guide to get your device connected to WiFi.

3.) Wait for OTA update to complete. Once connected to WiFi, the Smart Splitter will update automatically. This may take up to 2-3 minutes and the device will click the relays on and off to signal that the update is 1953.