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Based upon your home setup, the NeoCharge Smart Splitter can help get you easy EV charging while saving thousands by avoiding expensive electrical upgrades.

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Here’s what you need:

Smart Splitter:

The NEMA 14-50 Smart Splitter is commonly used to share power between two EV chargers.


No adapters are required for this setup.

Additional Accessories:

No additional accessories are required for this setup.

Setup Notes:
With an EV x Appliance setup, the appliance will be plugged into the Primary side of the Smart Splitter to receive priority power when it is required, and the EV will be plugged into the Secondary side for optimized energy management. As the outlet is on the other side of a wall, it is recommended you contact an electrician and have them install a conduit through the wall from the outlet to the charger location. This will ensure compliance with all NEC regulation for running power through a garage wall.

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