Smart Splitter WiFi
Setup Instructions

1. Re-Set NeoCharge

WiFi Setup on the NeoCharge is exposed for the first 5 minutes after a reboot.

In order to expose the WiFi Setup, either un-plug the NeoCharge and plug it back in, or power cycle it by turning off the breaker and turning it back on.

2. Connect to NeoSetup

Open the Wi-Fi Setting page on your mobile device. Select the NeoSetup Wi-Fi Network.

SSID: NeoSetup

Password: password

3. Tap the Sign in to Network Notification

If prompted, check the box to connect even through there is no network connection

If you don’t see an option to sign in, open your browser and go to the IP address

4. Select your WiFi network

Choose the WiFi network you would like to connect NeoCharge to

5. Enter your Password

Use the Unhide button if you want to preview your password

If the password is in-correct, you will be reverted to Step 4

6. Wait while NeoCharge connects to the network

NeoCharge may fail to connect to the WiFi network, in which case you will be reverted to Step 3 and will need to try again.

7. Connection Success:

The Success message will be displayed to indicate that NeoCharge was able to successfully connect to Wi-Fi.

In some cases, you may not see this message, but the LEDs on the NeoCharge will turn blue for 5 seconds to indicate a successful connection.

To double check if NeoCharge has connected to the internet, open your Wi- Fi networks list, and NeoSetup should no longer be visible.

8. Firmware Update:

Once the NeoCharge connects to WiFi, if there’s a WiFi update available, it will try to automatically download the latest firmware from the NeoCharge Servers.

You may hear the NeoCharge Click on and off a few times during the process, but once the update is complete, the Indicator Lights will turn blue for 5 seconds and the NeoCharge will reboot and stop clicking. As a safety feature, the NeoCharge will disable your EV Charger connected to the Secondary side until the update is complete.