Smart Splitter Mounting Bracket

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Size: Standard (2.0" diameter outlets)

***All Smart Splitters come with a mounting bracket included in the box. The included mounting bracket is determined by the most common faceplate configurations used by that outlet type.***

Standard - 2.0 inch diamter:

The Standard sized mounting bracket is included with the following Smart Splitter models:

  • NEMA 10-30
  • NEMA 10-50
  • NEMA 6-50

The 2" diameter mounting bracket is compatible with all standard 2" outlet faceplates. The bracket features 3 screw holes, compatible for both one and two gang faceplates.  


    Commercial - 2.5 inch diamter:

    The commercial sized 2.5" mounting bracket is included with the following Smart Splitter models:

    • NEMA 14-30 
    • NEMA 14-50 

    The 2.5" diameter mounting bracket is compatible with all 2-screw faceplates for both 2" and 2.5" outlets. These outlets come in both standard and commercial grade models, but generally only use faceplates that have 2 screw holes above and below the outlet.

      The most common commercial outlets with the larger (2.5") diameter are made by the following brands:

      • Hubbell
      • Bryant Electric
      • Enerlites


      Enhance Your Home EV Charging Experience

      The NeoCharge Smart Splitter intelligently manages power switching between your dryer and EV charger, enabling faster charging when your dryer is not in use. Track your Smart Splitter power usage with the Smart Splitter App.


      Save Money By Avoiding Panel Upgrades

      No need to rewire your home for EV charging access. The Smart Splitter has intelligent circuit protection, so you don't have to swap your EV charger every time you want to charge. Dual EV charging has never been easier.

      Safe and Reliable for Your Home and Your EV

      Certified for electrical safety by UL, the global leader in tech safety. The only UL listed Smart Splitter and built with an internal software breaker.


      Match Your Wall Outlet With The Right Smart Splitter

      Common NEMA Outlets:

      1. NEMA 14-50 - 4 Prong EV Charger
      2. NEMA 14-30 - 4 Prong Dryer Outlet
      3. NEMA 10-30 - 3 Prong Dryer Outlet
      4. NEMA 10-50 - 3 Prong Stove Outlet
      5. NEMA 6-50 - 3 Prong EV Charger

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      Auto-Switching With 2 EVs

      Auto-Switching With Dryer

      Works with Any EV

      The Smart Splitter works with any EV. Trusted by tens of thousands of EV drivers and has been tested with all top-selling models: Chevrolet Bolt EV, Chevy Volt, Hyundai IONIQ 5, Kia EV6, Ford Mach-e, Rivian, Nissan LEAF, Tesla, Toyota Prius Prime, VW ID4, and many more.


      Avg. Installation Savings


      Of Customers Avoid a Panel Upgrade


      Faster Charging Access

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      Find Home EV Charging Rebates

      Learn more about Home EV Charging rebates by utility and state. The Smart Splitter is also rebated with many utilities in California like SMUD, CCCE, Tacoma Power, SVCE, SCE, and SBCE. Many more to come.

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